April 05, 2019

Fortunato fights for Wilkeson reimbursement

92-year old unpaid invoice unearthed for construction of Capitol Officials from the town of Wilkeson have discovered documents possibly indicating that the state of Washington failed to pay an invoice for the construction of the Legislative Building. Originally scheduled for April 1, they came to Olympia Friday collect. State Sen....
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April 03, 2019

How much more in taxes?

Greetings from Olympia, Late last week, the state’s revenue forecast came out, and again tax collections are up, way up. The state is projected to take in almost $1 billion a year more than expected. The Senate Republican lead on the budget has noted that this is the “best budget...
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April 01, 2019

Legislature working to obstruct federal immigration laws

Numerous bills have been introduced in the 2019 legislative session that are aimed obstructing state cooperation with federal immigration enforcement efforts, or granting special privileges to those unlawfully in the state. What is Washington doing about illegal immigration? The Washington Legislature is passing laws that make no distinction between legal...
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January 16, 2018

That didn’t take long – News from Olympia

January 16, 2018 STAY CONNECTED! Due to election year restrictions, I will be limited in how I can communicate with you about what is going on in Olympia. Please be sure to subscribe to my newsletter if you already haven’t. You can also unsubscribe at anytime. Feel free to share this with...
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January 10, 2018

Fortunato introduces legislation to protect privacy of concealed pistol license holders

Sen. Phil Fortunato has cosponsored legislation in the first week of session to protect the privacy of concealed pistol license holders in Washington. Senate Bill 6173 would clarify state disclosure laws concerning information of concealed pistol license holders. The state Department of Licensing recently asked the less-than-gun-friendly state attorney general...
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November 29, 2017

Senate president’s gun ban an opening salvo against 2nd Amendment

Sen. Phil Fortunato responded strongly today to a new rule from the state’s Democrat lieutenant governor that will ban firearms from the Senate’s public gallery. In a hand-delivered letter to the lieutenant governor, whose duties include presiding over the Senate; Fortunato outlines numerous concerns with the ban, including its legality...
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July 14, 2017

Is it time for the rest of the county to escape from Seattle?

By now, you should have received my final legislative update for the year.  Unfortunately, Senate rules governing election-year communications required that my final update be mailed prior to the end of our legislative business this year.  You can read the entire newsletter by clicking the picture below. In the newsletter,...
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June 02, 2017

Sen. Phil Fortunato, R-Auburn, has introduced Senate Bill 5946, which would phase out state funding for The Evergreen State College and ultimately sell the institution.  Fortunato says the controversy over the request for a white professor to leave campus that has embroiled Evergreen in a national media frenzy, reveals a...
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June 02, 2017

Fortunato calls on Sound Transit to halt $10 million giveaway

Sen. Phil Fortunato, R-Auburn, is calling on Sound Transit’s governing board to reverse a decision made last week to transfer millions of dollars of property over to non-profits at a financial loss. Sound Transit plans to transfer property valued at $18.5 million for a third or half of its market...
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May 12, 2017

2017 Legislative Newsletter: budget, car-tabs, taxes, property tax exemptions for seniors and more….

By now, you should have received your 2017 Legislative Newsletter.   In case you missed it, you can read it by clicking on the photo below.
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