March 06, 2017

Senate approves Fortunato bill to protect charity fundraisers

OLYMPIA…The Senate passed legislation Wednesday that would allow non-profit organizations to raise money through raffles while being in compliance in state law. “I know a lot of churches that raise money through bingo nights or raffles,” said Sen. Phil Fortunato, R-Auburn. “However, many are unknowingly violating state law.” Senate Bill...
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February 01, 2017

Fortunato bill would provide added property tax relief seniors

OLYMPIA… Sen. Phil Fortunato has introduced legislation that would provide older senior citizens with much-needed property-tax relief. “Seniors are being taxed out of their homes,” said Fortunato, R-Auburn. “They have worked hard for the homes they own; at some point in time seniors have paid enough taxes.” Senate Bill 5535...
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January 31, 2017

Fortunato bill would let schools seek waivers from costly rules

OLYMPIA…Sen. Phil Fortunato has introduced legislation that would give school districts the authority to seek waivers from burdensome state regulation. “We keep giving schools more money, but a lot of that money never makes it to the classroom,” said Fortunato, R-Auburn. “Instead, schools spend too many tax dollars complying with...
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January 30, 2017

Fortunato bill would provide up to $10,000 in housing assistance for teachers

OLYMPIA…Sen. Phil Fortunato has introduced a bill that would provide housing assistance to educators in school districts with high housing costs. “Seventeen years ago I proposed a similar housing allowance to address the inequity of teacher salaries in higher cost-of-housing areas, and nothing has changed,” said Fortunato, R-Auburn.  “I want...
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January 20, 2017

Fortunato drops first bill to repeal unnecessary laws

OLYMPIA… Sen. Phil Fortunato today introduced legislation that would repeal a host of state laws he sees as unnecessary, redundant, or wasteful. When Fortunato was appointed to the Senate on Jan. 7 he listed his top legislative priority as protecting both the taxpayer and the American worker. This is the...
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January 10, 2017

Fortunato appointed 31st District senator

King and Pierce County councils fill vacancy left by former Sen. Pam Roach’s resignation Phil Fortunato was sworn in today as the 31st Legislative District’s state senator. He took the oath of office after the King and Pierce County councils voted to appoint him to the position made vacant by...
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