Participate in Redistricting

Every 10 years the state’s Redistricting Commission is charged with redrawing the shapes of Congressional and Legislative districts based on changes in population. All the districts are supposed to be similar in population. One of the changes being considered is cutting off parts of our district that are South of Hwy-410 and eliminating Sumner. This would split most of the cities along 410 in half.

If you feel it is as important as I do to maintain the Hwy-410 corridor in one district, consider participating in the process. There is still time to let your voice be heard.

Here are some things to consider:

  • It is important to maintain the continuity of all the cities in the 31st District along the Hwy-410 corridor and the Chinook Scenic Byway as the gateway to Mount Rainier.
  • Many businesses rely on the important tourist trade, and splitting the corridor in multiple districts will make coordination of WSDOT and Capital Budget projects more difficult.

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