Fortunato’s $30 car tab legislation to receive public hearing

Before the 2020 legislative session, state Sen. Phil Fortunato, R-Auburn, advocated for a special session to address the $30 car tab legal challenge that placed the needed tax-relief measure on hold. Now, Fortunato’s “clean” bill to avoid single-subject concerns that precipitated the Initiative 976 lawsuit will receive a public hearing in the Senate Transportation Committee.

“I’m very pleased that the Senate at least is giving the public a fair shot to have their voice heard on this issue,” said Fortunato. “After the court once again cited the ‘single-subject’ requirements in the state constitution as a reason to ignore the will of the voters, I have dropped a clean, one-subject bill to avoid further legal issues.”

Similar single-subject arguments were made nearly 20 years ago when voters approved Initiative 695 which resulted in the court overturning the initiative. “This legislation will give taxpayers what they want, what they voted for – affordable car tabs,” Fortunato added.

“The battle over $30 car tabs that has played out for decades is emblematic of the problems with Olympia,” Fortunato said. “Who down here is actually listening to the voters? It’s really a simple concept that I’m fighting for – trust the people when they tell you what they want. I fought for the original fix back then and will continue to do so.”

The public hearing is scheduled for Wednesday, Feb. 4, from 3:30-5:30 p.m. in the John A. Cherberg Building, Hearing Room 1. You can watch the hearing live on TVW by clicking here.