Fortunato hails Senate move to cut Sound Transit car tab tax

Car tab taxes would be cut by 55 percent and Sound Transit board members would be required to stand for direct elections under legislation that passed the Senate Tuesday afternoon.  Senator Phil Fortunato, R-Auburn, is a cosponsor of both bills, SB 5001 and SB 5893

“If Seattle politicians think their constituents are mad about car tabs tripling, they should visit my district where we voted no on Sound Transit 3 by more than 60 percent,” said Fortunato. “Cutting car tabs by 55 percent only costs Sound Transit 4 billion dollars over 30 years, but you’d think from how they’re complaining we’re asking for their first born.”

Both bills now go to the House for consideration.  SB 5893 was amended from its previous version to structure the car tab tax cuts as rebates to eliminate the estimated expense of defeasing bonds.   The new tax cut mechanism reduces the estimated loss of revenue to Sound Transit from approximately $12 billion to just under $4 billion.

“This might reduce the scope of the next party they hold for being a decade late and eighty percent over budget, but taxpayers will feel real relief,” said Fortunato. “All we need now is for the House Democrat leadership to stop protecting Sound Transit and start protecting the taxpayers.