Second Amendment

April 11, 2023

Protecting our Rights and our Children

Banning some rifles won’t protect kids, according to a state Senator, but increasing security at schools will. I voted against the Democrat “assault weapons” bill that passed out of the Senate, but first tried to amend the legislation. Among other things, my amendment would have spent $50million to improve safety...
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April 06, 2023

Senate Freedom Caucus ready for last stand in attack on Second Amendment rights

Senators remember Alamo, face overwhelming odds, prepare to defend U.S. Constitution As the Washington Senate readies for debate on Democrat-sponsored bills imposing severe new restrictions on gun ownership statewide, members of the Senate Freedom Caucus vow a last-ditch defense of Second Amendment rights. Members of the Freedom Caucus, a group...
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March 11, 2023

Second Amendment Watch

I want to thank everyone for sharing their concerns and any efforts being made to slow or stop these unnecessary infringements on law-abiding citizens. Here is a brief update on where some of these proposals are in the legislative process. I share the frustration and oppose efforts to further restrict...
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February 09, 2023

More Restrictions on Law-abiding Citizens

My office is being inundated with constituents concerned about what is going on in Olympia with respect to our Second Amendment rights. I want to thank everyone for sharing their concerns and any efforts being made to slow or stop these unnecessary infringements on law-abiding citizens. I thought I’d share...
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March 24, 2022

New gun restrictions signed into law

OLYMPIA, Wash. — Washington Gov. Jay Inslee signed a package of bills Wednesday tightening the state’s gun laws, including a measure that bans the manufacture, distribution and sale of firearm magazines that hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition. Washington joins nine other states, including California and New Jersey, that...
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March 01, 2021

Fortunato opposes impractical Capitol campus gun-ban

Designating the Capitol as an insane asylum would have the same effect State Sen. Phil Fortunato, R-Auburn, a strong supporter of protecting Washingtonians’ right to bear arms, voiced his opposition to a measure that would crack down on protests by constitutional activists peacefully holding rallies on the steps of the...
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February 03, 2021

Fortunato files state constitutional amendment expanding protections for citizens’ right to bear arms

While many policies that emanate from Olympia concerning the right to bear arms focus on restricting Second Amendment protections, state Sen. Phil Fortunato, R-Auburn, is pushing to expand them. He’s filed a state constitutional amendment to enshrine an individual right to own high-capacity magazines, a popular target for anti-gun advocates....
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January 06, 2021

Fortunato says Breaching Governor’s Mansion Grounds ‘sends wrong message’

State Sen. Phil Fortunato, R-Auburn, issued the following statement on the news of today’s events in Olympia. “If you believe in the Constitution, as I do, the behavior witnessed today in Olympia is unhelpful to those of us working to protect our rights. While I support the open carry of...
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March 27, 2020

Fortunato calls on Governor to keep firearms businesses open – closure violates Constitution

March 27, 2020   Jay Inslee Office of the Governor PO Box 40002 Olympia, WA 985004-0002   Governor Inslee, I call on you to immediately amend your March 23, 2020, “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” order to include firearm-related businesses and shooting ranges in the list of businesses and industries in...
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January 28, 2020

More Gun Control?

On the news of the recent shootings in Seattle, some are reflexively saying ‘we need more gun control!’ They skip over the fact that the 2 criminals had 65 arrests but were still on the streets. What can be done? I’ve got some answers.
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