Abortions in Washington might be legal, but Inslee made them less safe, says Fortunato

In a recent statement, Gov. Jay Inslee touted his work to keep Washington a pro-abortion state, vowing to “fight to ensure safe, affordable access to every person who needs it,” on the heels of a leak of a draft decision overturning the controversial Roe v. Wade abortion case at the U.S. Supreme Court.

State Sen. Phil Fortunato contends that recent legislation signed by Inslee might keep the procedure legal but won’t keep women safe.

“The reactionary tone is predictable and misleading,” said Fortunato. “The governor and pro-abortion lawmakers are doing a great job parroting polarizing talking points while trying to hide the fact that in their quest to expand access to this life-ending procedure for a baby, they’ve also made it more dangerous for women.”

Fortunato is referring to a bill passed this session that lowers the standard of care for those administering an abortion. Washington state previously required a licensed physician to perform an abortion, but House Bill 1851, signed by Inslee into law, changes the definition of who can terminate a pregnancy and removes liability for a botched procedure.

“Making the decision to terminate a pregnancy is probably the most difficult decision a woman could make, and I wish that it didn’t happen,” Fortunato said. “As a policy, the state should promote life and provide supports to encourage the joys of motherhood. This latest policy in our state flies in the face of women struggling with this and makes their health outcomes more uncertain. The governor’s stance will bring little comfort to a woman who has no recourse if she becomes sterile from this life-altering procedure.”