Fortunato drops first bill to repeal unnecessary laws

OLYMPIA… Sen. Phil Fortunato today introduced legislation that would repeal a host of state laws he sees as unnecessary, redundant, or wasteful. When Fortunato was appointed to the Senate on Jan. 7 he listed his top legislative priority as protecting both the taxpayer and the American worker. This is the first in a series of bills Fortunato will sponsor aimed at eliminating unnecessary laws and regulations.

“The most common statement my constituents make is ‘we just have too many laws’, and I agree” said Fortunato, R-Auburn. “While other legislators talk about how many laws they pass, I am focused on repealing the unnecessary and wasteful laws that already exist.”

SB 5316 will repeal specific statutory tasks that have been completed or statutory authority that has not been used. The bill also would remove unnecessary language from the state code, making the laws that already exist easier for the public to understand.

“My top priority this session is protecting the Washington taxpayer,” Fortunato said. “Repealing costly and unnecessary state laws is a good first step.”